7 New Year’s Resolutions for Content Marketers in 2019

Andrew Stark

January 10, 2019

The new year is here, and with it, a chance to better our efforts and improve our returns moving forward. So brush aside the doldrums of 2018 and get on the track toward success in 2019 with these resolutions to remember as your brand ventures ahead with a smarter, stronger content marketing strategy. And don’t worry: most of us stop using that new gym membership we committed to by February, so don’t try to achieve all of these goals at once—focus on the few most relevant to you to work on the positive practices that will last.

  1. My brand will be consistent: Publish content regularly, but strive for quality over quantity. Find your audience engagement sweet spot with metrics that matter (e.g. on-page actions, time spent on page), and then craft future content with the winning qualities you’ve discovered.

  1. My brand will use one CTA per content piece: What do you want to achieve with each piece of content you publish? A content download? A referral? An email sign-up? Tailor your content to this primary objective and streamline the opportunity for users to continue to engage with your brand after the first encounter.

  1. My brand will increase average time on page: Measure where you are now for a benchmark. Think about ways to improve the time on page—is your content relevant, unique and wholly valuable? Run with this and then execute against this goal.

  1. My brand will increase number of new leads/form fills: What causes users to want to come back to your brand? Work on creating consistently useful content that builds on itself (e.g. blog series). Optimize your CTAs, like we mentioned in our blog post about on-page actions. Ramp up distribution and reach further.

  1. My brand will test new content distribution channels: Test the waters past the buoys with new distribution channels that could offer an increase in visibility and engagement for your brand’s content.

  1. My brand will scale upwards: When you have found your conversion rates and locked them in, scale it up and bring more engaged users into your content conversion funnel.

  1. My brand will deliver a positive ROI: Achieving a solid content marketing ROI will depend upon the quality of your content and the rate of engagement that content receives. It’s all about putting just enough in to get more than enough out. Tie this back to your CTA goal: If your goal is email sign-ups, what is one new email worth to you? How many people convert further? How many ultimately become new customers?

Make the pledge to strive for better success in 2019 with these resolutions. With a commitment to thinking deeper, looking closer and reaching further, your improved content marketing strategy will bring you that positive ROI you’ve been working towards. Happy New Year!

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Andrew Stark is EVP of Revenue for PulsePoint’s Healthcare Marketing Technology group, helping brands and agencies leverage the power of programmatic and content marketing to reach and engage physicians and consumers. Previously, Andrew was  SVP, Content Solutions at PulsePoint, where he rant the company's content solutions business, which unites unique content programs, high-impact native ad solutions, and powerful audience insights for brands.

Prior to PulsePoint, Andrew was VP, Sales and Marketing for Examiner Media Group, and held executive positions at Metro Boston and Boston Now, 365 Media USA. Early in his career, Andrew served as CEO & Publisher at The SUNPOST, where he provided strategic leadership and shifted the publication's readership profile and perception, growing a small community weekly paper into a large regional player.

Andrew holds an MBA from the University of Miami.