Bring Clarity to your Content Marketing Reporting

Zoe Vournas

May 18, 2018

Are you having trouble proving the effectiveness of your content marketing? You’re not alone. Approximately 61% of marketers report that they either don’t measure their content marketing ROI or are unsure if they do. These are smart B2B and B2C marketers who create great content, but disparate reporting systems are holding them back. Let’s take a closer look at the content marketing reporting problem and how technology can fix it.

When reporting gets messy

Don’t you wish there was an easy button you could push to see what’s working and what’s not with your campaigns? Unfortunately, this is not the case for most. Here are two of the main pain points of content marketing reporting.

Numerous reporting systems

First, content is distributed on multiple platforms and channels, and each typically has a dedicated reporting system. As a result, marketers are often logging into each reporting system to analyze the performance of the content on that particular platform or channel. Wondering how your content is doing on Facebook? Go to Facebook Insights. Curious about YouTube progress? Log in to the Creator Studio. You may even be downloading numerous .csv files and reassembling the data. This is extremely time-consuming.

Varying key performance indicators

Next, each reporting system measures different performance indicators which may not give you all of the information you need. The blog Did They Read It points out the importance of measuring both engagement and traditional metrics to get a comprehensive understanding of your content marketing performance. Engagement metrics (aka on-page metrics) go beyond click and conversion tracking to show how users are engaging with content while on-page. If any of your reporting platforms or channels aren’t measuring the needed metrics, you will have a limited understanding of your performance.

Not only does it take a great deal of time to log into each reporting system and analyze the data, but it also provides you with fragmented information. As a result, when comparing results from one channel to another, you’re trying to compare apples-to-oranges and will likely find critical data is missing.

Optimize with cross-channel reporting

How can you clean up your reporting mess and optimize it to enable a higher content marketing ROI?

The reports from each of your platforms/channels need to come together in one central dashboard, where each is measured by the same engagement and traditional metrics. Can you imagine how much more efficient it would be to log into just one place and see a real-time view of your content marketing performance; A program where you can compare apples-to-apples and easily see which platforms/channels, headlines, image variants, etc. are performing best?

Technology has been developed to make this possible. By creating a platform where marketers can upload all of their content, make ad variants, and distribute it onto different channels, all of the data comes together in one place. Now, marketers can choose the performance indicators they want to track and see the results side-by-side.

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Embrace technology to clean up your reporting

There’s no need for marketers to waste any valuable time fumbling through disparate reporting portals. Save time and boost your profitability by letting technology do the hard work for you. You’ll gain clear insights into your content marketing performance, and will become empowered to make data-based decisions which optimize every dollar invested in your campaigns. Say goodbye to messy reporting for good!

Zoe Vournas – Manager, Client Services at PulsePoint - and her team's focus is to help each client drive meaningful engagement with their target audience through the amplification of valuable, high quality content.