Resolve 4 Common Mistakes Health Marketers Make When Setting Up Content Campaigns

Zoe Vournas

February 21, 2019

In a previous post I published, I discussed how the consumers of today become the brand ambassadors of tomorrow. This is centered around brand loyalty—but this loyalty is built on a trusting relationship, and that starts with effective content marketing.

Trust is even more critical in the Health sector, and Health marketers are continuously searching for new ways to grow their relationship with the consumers who look to them for help. Health is an area in which many consumers are less educated about the problems facing them, as well as the solutions offered by these brands.

Remember, it takes time and a concerted effort to build these consumer relationships, but the payoff is worth the price of creating consistently strong content.

Here are the 4 mistakes which you should avoid when setting up your next Health-centric content marketing campaign:

Mistake #1: Foregoing tests on creatives and channels

Problem: You could be missing what content works and where it is most effective.

Solution: Test to see which of your creatives and channels are bringing the best results. If you can monitor what works, you can drive more content there in the same vein to amplify your returns.

Mistake #2: Restricting the creativity of your campaigns

Problem: Campaigns may be delayed because you are unaware of the proper creative and channel restrictions

Solution: Make sure your team is aware of the necessary restrictions, and then work to safely walk the line in order to keep your campaigns fresh and intriguing. For example, don’t show restricted images like people in pain or before/after photos. If you know the restrictions, you can reduce time to launch, avoid rejection from channels and communicate a clean brand message.

Mistake #3: Making claims

Problem: Your content will be rejected by channels when you claim health outcomes or treatment results.

Solution: Simply avoid them in your headlines and the content itself. Patient stories are a great way to work your content around this.

Mistake #4: Not being Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant

Problem: Your ads and content are violating HIPAA legislation.

Solution: Make sure to consult with your legal and compliance team to be on the safe side.

Avoid these mistakes and you will be on track to running a powerful Health campaign. You shouldn’t avoid signing up for our blog updates to see more useful content like this.

Zoe Vournas – Director, Client Services at PulsePoint - and her team's focus is to help each client drive meaningful engagement with their target audience through the amplification of valuable, high quality content.